This Is Your Brain on josh honeycutt

It is always so comforting to feel like you are living the life that you really want to, or at least the life that you think would be the life you want to live. However, there are times that life just doesn’t give you what you want.

The latest example is josh honeycutt. If you haven’t heard of josh honeycutt, you can catch up with him in the video below. In the video he explains how he ended up in the position he is in, and how he is able to live the life that he wants and not the life that he was always told he wanted.

That’s pretty cool, but I’m still not sure it’s the life that he wants. I understand that he wants to be out in the world and on his own, but how does that fit into the Matrix-like reality that we all live in? I mean, he was told that he wanted to be a programmer, but he ended up creating a company that lets people work from home and have more time to spend with their families.

For some reason it never occurred to me that Josh Honeycutt might want to be out in the world. I mean, I can understand the logic of being on a corporate campus with a whole bunch of other college educated people, but if you’re on a farm or in a forest, it’s probably not the life you would want.

Josh’s not the only one who has this problem. I’m sure the world knows of the many programmers that have made their way to the woods or the farm and now have no friends. I don’t know why, but I get the feeling that people who are the least bit creative, or who are just plain bored, like to live in isolated spaces. Maybe they can’t stand the idea of being surrounded by other people or the idea of spending time with their families.

I think programmers feel like a weird niche group. They’re not all geniuses, they’re not all beautiful people, and they’re not all the people that get all the attention. Most of the people that get the attention are generally programmers, and I think the programmers like the people who are quiet and introverted.

I think the programmers are a weird niche group because of the fact that theyre very self-centered and they live in a lot of isolation. There are also a lot of programmers that are introverted but creative and very fun to be around. Personally I think theyre just weird. Ive noticed myself at times that I get very depressed when I try to be a programmer. I think its because I cant be creative, I cant just do something random and come up with ideas.

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