How to increase social media engagement?

The quantity of comments, likes, and shares on social media is a measure of engagement. Of course, you want to increase your follower count, but an engaged audience. Not simply a large one—it is ultimately the best indicator of social media success. You should aim for quality rather than merely numbers as a corporation. Increase your Social Channel engagement more rapidly than ever with Jaynike. They provide services from Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Several measures, such as the following, likes, comments, followers and audience, using hashtags, etc., are used to evaluate social media engagement. , social media engagement grows whenever someone engages with your account. It and also may be measured in several different ways. Now we will know, How to increase social media engagement.

How to increase social media engagement?

Firstly, assess your engagement

Put on your data scientist hat and record any crucial statistics. Such as the number of followers you currently have, the average amount of comments and shares you receive every post., or even your average number of likes and shares.

Choose a strategy

Of course, there is only one fix that works for some. Every organization’s social media strategy will differ since every company has various commercial objectives. Your social media engagement objectives could include any of the following, based on what works best for your brand and what your company offers: 

  • Changing how people view your brand
  • Generating fresh client leads
  • Gathering opinions on new products
  • Providing your audience with tips and resources

Understand your audience

If you know your audience, engaging them in conversation is more effortless. A skateboarding company’s preferred language and tone. And resources will probably differ from a gardening supplies store. Knowing your target market will also assist you in choosing which social media platforms to use. People now even use social media to find car paint shops at their nearest location.  

  • When to release
  • The content’s kind
  • Business Voice

Produce and distribute helpful content

Important content is that which meets the demands and problems of the audience. Rather than “broadcast,” think “dialogue.” It will be more difficult to connect if all you talk about is how fantastic your brand is or what you have to offer. It also requires clarification to understand what content, in terms of style, works for each network, such as creative photos for Instagram, long texts or videos for Facebook, etc.

Keep relevant

What should I talk about in conversation? Just participate in an ongoing discussion. Commenting on recent issues and trends in a manner appropriate to your brand is a terrific approach to rapidly engaging with an audience.

Keep the conversation going

Some people may view conversation as an art, but it’s more like a sport regarding volleying questions and attention back and forth. It would help if you also had that reciprocity when you’re online. Brands must engage consumers both reactively and proactively.

Display a natural gesture

There are many methods to get close:

  • Retweet, liking, and commenting are not enough to start a dialogue.
  • Recognize and respond to inquiries
  • React to criticism with warmth or humor
  • Display the brand’s human resources through images or videos.


Social media managers encounter increasingly complex duties as the years go by and the digital world increase engagement. The biggest one is to combine strategic thought with creative thinking, given that each social media platform has unique characteristics. You should be aware that using the same strategy for your social channels is desired impact on your social media engagement. It would be best to thoroughly investigate your target audiences before putting these strategies into practice where they are most likely to succeed.

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