20 Best Tweets of All Time About deer high shoulder shot

Since 2004, I have been shooting deer in the high shoulder. I have found that this is a much harder shot, with a much more accurate result, than with a normal shoulder shot. The deer are running, and their head is moving from side to side. I use a Smith & Wesson 10-22 with a 30-inch barrel and a Remington 870-1/4 barrel.

Unlike a regular shoulder shot, this one is actually a deer shot. You just don’t expect a deer to run and keep running, and then you hit it with an arrow, and it stops dead in its tracks. It is actually quite difficult to hit, and I do not recommend it.

the problem with deer is that they are very difficult to hit, and they do not run. I dont even know why they are here in the first place. They were created as part of some ancient game, and the only reason they are here is to kill humans.

I guess the question is, why are you shooting it? Did you just want to scare it away or was it running away from you? Either way, it’s not a nice thing to do to a wild animal. In the case of deer, it’s not very difficult to kill a deer. It’s a fairly simple shot. A regular shot would require a lot of time and practice. It’s one of the easier things to shoot a deer with a bow and arrow.

Well, they are not dangerous animals, they are simply deer. This is a very common thing for hunters. The fact is, they have no reason to be here. You can kill them and not even need to kill them. If they were here for no reason at all, it would be a different story. They are simply being hunted, so they should not be here.

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